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Helping You Design Your Roadmap to Success

Business is evolving at a faster pace today than during any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be opportunities we can’t even imagine today. And challenges. In order to prevail and flourish, we must imagine that future and prepare for it. Innovation has become the key to competitive advantage. Do you know where your next hot idea will come from? Or if the solution you need is on the other side of the world or just down the street? Even as we are working with you to solve your business challenges today, we are thinking about your future needs and planning a path to get you there. AGF Business Consulting is here to amplify your vision and reach so that you can identify new growth opportunities and build the partnerships you need to outperform the competition.

Never neglect the power of Business Consulting Services because business consulting with the right firm is a sure shot means to gain a competitive edge in the market. Our business consultants help create and reinvent the operating models and strategies for your business. 



Once you’ve gone through our strategic planning process, you’ll have a detailed roadmap that contains clearly defined mid- and long-term goals, measurable objectives, strategies, and action plans with timelines, budgets, roles, and responsibilities. The concise, streamlined document won’t end up collecting dust on a shelf, but will provide tangible, ongoing benefits that include:

  • Greater clarity and sense of purpose

  • Guiding better decision-making

  • Ensuring better use of resources

  • Enhancing teamwork and collaboration

  • Enabling greater adaptability to change

  • Encouraging innovation and sustainability

From a macro perspective, you’ll have a shared vision that better prepares you and your team for the future.

A detailed plan serves as a roadmap to meet short- and long-term goals — ensuring focus on the right priorities that support your mission and unify your team. If you’re at a crossroads between where you are and where you want to be, we can help.

We are known for efficient presales-consulting which helps us derive the right solutions for your business, followed by extensive implementation and after-sales support.


With an effective Power Management solution in place you are totally in control of your I.T.

You can introduce savings from prolonging equipment life with regular shut downs and reduce calls to support, which time after time, are resolved with a re-boot.


You will also save time for your IT Staff allowing them to get on with other things and introduce an additional level of security on sensitive PCs like those in Management Offices.

The money we have saved businesses helped bolster their financial situations, preserve jobs, and not have to lay off workers; and boosted stronger companies to use their savings to expand their operations and hire more workers.

Companies engage us to save them money, with a performance guarantee, which cannot be beat. We either find them savings or there is no fee! This true value proposition is all reward and no risk to the business owner, which makes it easy for our advisors to engage more business clients than anyone else.


Simple strategic planning software

Craft strategy. Create Tasks. Track Performance.
– Zero learning curve –

Our knowledge and skills incorporated into our custom-developed, patent-pending software tool – StratPlan, allows you to develop realistic, meaningful and achievable strategic plans. 


We provide leading and distinctive strategic planning services in our custom-developed strategic planning software tool, creating high value strategic plans for small, medium and large organizations at significantly low costs.

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Big ideas require you have the right partner on your team.
Find out if we’re the right partner to help you accomplish your project goals

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