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What is AGF's Cost Reduction Process?
Our savings process is all about minimizing non-core expenses to your business with no loss of supplier quality or service. From uncovering better deals to limiting excessive expenditure, we help you dedicate more resources and efforts into activities to help your business prosper and grow.

Whether you’re interested in customizing an employee healthcare savings program, implementing a virtual card payment solution, unveiling a same day payment service to keep your employees’ financial wellness in check, we’ll be there to assist you. In the past, we’ve assisted clients from around the world do everything from streamlining their shipping and freight options to helping reduce fraud through a virtual card payment solution. Let’s discuss what your greatest challenges are and how we can assist you.
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Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for an outside perspective, our team can help you rapidly analyze and identify actions to deliver quick wins that can help ensure stability and fund longer term initiatives. In a few weeks, we can: 

  • Gather the right operational and financial data
  • Build a picture of the operation, financial position and cashflow
  • Prioritize where savings can be generated, and cash released
  • Create an action plan and help you execute.
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