Whatever the time, day or night, you save with TaskForceCO2

While you Sleep.


Protect your PC with regular shutdowns and enjoy cost saving and CO2 reducing benefits

While you Wake.


Let Automatic Wakeups get your PCs ready for the start of day without losing valuable extra time

While you Work.


Take advantage throughout the day of opportunities to save money with effective PC Power Management

It’s a Fact. PCs always get left on and when they do, they waste money and increase CO2.

It’s not a small amount either. When you consider the wastage can easily average $32 a year for every PC on your Network based on the average percentage that do get left on, the cost can be significant.

A PC left on from 3pm until the following morning typically wastes 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy. 130 Hours of Wasted Energy at an average of 200w per PC is 26 KWh a week wasted. With an average KWh cost of 15c that means a waste of $3.90 a week, over $200 a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

By installing TaskForceCO2 you stop this waste in its tracks, for every PC, every day of the Year.

Automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day too, ensuring no work time is wasted as it can take several minutes for PCs to wake up – sometimes causing users to move away from PCs adding extra delays.

With full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point you reach a return on investment … and it’s often in less than a couple of weeks.

There’s no point being Cent wise, Dollar foolish, educating all your Users and re-educating new Users about the need for Power Management, when you can automate it with TaskForceCO2.

Why TaskForceCO2?

It’s common place now to save power therefore reducing costs and CO2. Most Organizations want to do it in the easiest and most flexible way which is where TaskForceCO2 comes into its own. It does what is says on the Box!

It lets Users implement flexible but Powerful Energy Saving Schemes that match the opportunities for savings provided by their Organizations setup in a straightforward, quick and easy way.

With Multiple Power Events per PC, per Day and by being able to arrange PCs by your Power Management requirements, you are virtually guaranteed substantial savings.

Yes, some of the power saving tasks could be achieved with Group Policies and Scripts, but both require an in-depth knowledge and are time consuming, difficult to maintain and do not offer as many features. Most IT Managers today want to install an automated solution and get on with their workload, not sweating over complicated setups.

Additionally, without Power Management Software, Organizations have no way of knowing how much they are saving? Only reports on average Financial and CO2 savings show they are covering all opportunities to save and that PCs are actually shutting down when required.

TaskForceCO2 has everything you need, built in, to get your PC Power Management not just underway, but effective, from Day One.

TaskForceCO2 makes Life Easier.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science to implement some strategic changes that simplify the whole Power Management process and that is what you can do with TaskForceCO2.

By having all your PCs presented to you in a Power Management Console, it’s easier to decide what power saving scheme to apply to what PCs or Groups of PCs and when.

By being able to adjust in seconds any power saving features and clearly see in one go what is set up you are far more likely to reap the benefits of initiating Power Saving policies and not let them fall by the wayside.

You can move PCs around with in Groups that exactly match your Power Plans and not necessarily those of how you arrange your PCs for workflow purposes.

For instance, you can easily make a group specifically for servers and apply no Power Scheme, moving essential PCs in that you never want to shut down or organize PCs by working periods that may differ for different rooms and offices. Add Multiple Power Schemes per day, per PC and you’re in Business.

Everything in life is easier when you can see it at a glance and with full reports on schemes applied you know you are in control.

TaskForceCO2 reduces Waste.

When a PC is left on it can waste up to 90c per night. 90c doesn’t sound a lot but if 25, 50 or 100 PCs are left on, that same 90c can easily turn in to $33,000 a year or more of pure Waste.

Don’t forget, when a PC is left on overnight on a Friday, its usually on all Weekend too adding another 170 plus hours of waste, per PC. When you add all the other opportunities during the day to save money, your savings can really add up.

Not only is it wasting money, but it is also increasing your CO2 emissions, by as much as 1.5 tons of CO2 per PC, per year, for every PC that never gets shut down.

This will increase your Carbon Footprint so Using TaskForceCO2 automatically reduces your Carbon Footprint. Eliminating CO2 emissions is great for your Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility program, great for employees or students and great for stakeholders.

With full reports on average financial and CO2 savings, you can quickly see your return on investment.

Believe in Climate change or not, reducing CO2 reduces costs too. You can’t do one without the other.

TaskForceCO2 means Saving Time.

Optional automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day, ensuring no work time is wasted especially when getting lecture rooms and larger offices ready for a prompt start.

You also save by reducing the time you spend on conventional ways of controlling your PC power management using scripts and policies. They can be time consuming and can often be difficult to maintain, modify and keep track of. Quite simply, they often get out of control or forgotten about. Its always quicker to have everything visible and to hand in one console when deploying power saving schemes. Don’t forget, also, in many cases, out of date device drivers can prevent shut downs which is a constant source of hassle for I.T. but not with TaskForceCO2 in operation.

Regular shut downs mean less down time during the day as essential memory frees up and your systems are less likely to become slow and clogged down with device drivers and software that hasn’t finished properly.

With the TaskForceCO2 power management console you can separate the requirements of your power settings in one easy, usable and update-able program and once you’ve done this you can maintain the settings with ease. If you need to change a department’s settings or add new ones it can be done in just seconds.

From Just

$3.20  1 Year

With TaskForceCO2 your I.T. staff have more time to concentrate on other matters and not have to worry whether the power management policy has been swept under the carpet.

Affordable PC Power Management.

Select your Product to get your PC Power Management underway Today!

*All our Licences are sold with either 1, 3 or 5 Years License, Support and Upgrades Included. Ultimate Gold Includes Lifetime License.

Per PC 1 Year License



TaskForceCO2 Per PC 1 Year License

Includes Everything you need … Built in.

  • 1 Years License

  • 1 Years Upgrades

  • 1 Years Support


Just Select the Quantity you Require.

You can Expand your License anytime in the future.

Download Delivery. Prices Exclude Sales Tax (Where Applicable).

Unlimited School License



TaskForceCO2 Unlimited School License

  • Completely Unlimited License

  • Covers ANY number of PCs at One School

  • 2 Year License

  • 2 Years Upgrades

  • 2 Years Support


A License Exclusive to Schools that never needs Auditing.

Download Delivery. Prices Exclude Sales Tax (Where Applicable).

Ultimate Gold License



TaskForceCO2 Ultimate Gold License

  • Completely Unlimited License

  • Covers ANY number of PCs at ANY Location

  • Lifetime License

  • Product Lifetime Upgrades

  • Product Lifetime Support


A Lifetime Licence that never needs Auditing.

No Renewals Required …. Ever!

Download Delivery. Prices Exclude Sales Tax (Where Applicable).

Per PC Commercial Licence

$3.30 – $5.50

Just Select the number of Licenses required below and the Price will be updated.

  • 1 Years Licence with Free Support & Upgrades $3.20 per PC

  • 3 Years Licence with Free Support & Upgrades $6.40 per PC

  • 5 Years Licence with Free Support & Upgrades $7.99 per PC


All Licences can be renewed at same guaranteed price upon Expiry.

TaskForceCO2 Saves your Organization Money!

Save Money

Not powering Unused PCs is the fastest route to Financial savings for your Organization

Reduce CO2

Trying to go Carbon Neutral? Give your efforts a big boost with TaskForceCO2 – Power Management Software

Prolong Equipment Life

Not leaving PCs on for long extended periods helps protect equipment from burn out and other risks

Reduce Support

PCs that get regular shut downs are less likely to cause support issues the next day

We offer a Free 14-day Trial copy that works on up to 250 PCs and gives you the full unrestricted functionality of TaskForceCO2 in order for you to see how well it works and see the real potential for saving, without having to outlay any money.
The Trial gives you all the information you need on projected average savings so you can make an informed decision regards purchasing. It is possible to save more money during the Trial than a License to deploy in your Organization costs!
Take a look Today!

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