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AGF Business Consulting is a Private Money Lender.  AGF help small businesses and investors get the access to funding they need to help their business grow. 


By thinking outside the box and taking a different perspective than many of the lending sources you may have been turned away from.


We are able to offer an alternative lending approach, where our decision is not credit driven and our qualifications are not customary.


If you have exhausted your financing options, don’t give up, because we can help.


A revolutionary payment platform that allows merchants to eliminate their credit card processing fees.

In the past, merchants had to absorb the cost of credit card transactions. Due to changes in card network rules, merchants now have the option to charge different prices for cash and credit card transactions. With WAVit, merchants pay a fixed monthly price for unlimited processing.


  • Without making any changes to prices, simply notify your customers that the listed price is the credit card price.​

  • WAVit applies the standard adjustment for credit to all purchases.​

  • Cash and Debit Card payments automatically receive the discount.​

  • The amount of the discount is predetermined and built into WAVit’s  proprietary software.


  • 0% Credit Card Processing

  • One Low Fixed Monthly Fee

  • No Minimum Purchase

  • No Minimum Volume

  • Unlimited Processing

  • Contactless Payments

  • More Profit, More Opportunity

  • Used On Any Platform  And On A Variety Of Payment Devices

  • The Most Economical Way To Accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard And American Express Transactions

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Personal and Business Financing

Quick application process. No minimum credit requirement. Lending programs for all situations.

AGF offers short-term and long-term financing options for real estate investors. Whether you are looking to fix & flip properties or hold properties for rental income, AGF has flexible options that are suited to your needs.

New contruction financing.png

New Construction


Fix & Flip 


Multi Family Housing

  1. Fast Funding: Time is money in the real estate business. Unlike traditional loans that can take weeks or even months, private money loans can be processed and funded within a few days or a couple weeks.

  2. Bad Credit? No Problem: Private money loans don’t need you to have good credit, the property that is going to be backing the loan is the only thing that will be looked at to make sure it qualifies.

  3. Real People Lending Money: People with money sitting in low paying CD’s and other investments are looking for better opportunities for their money which is where you come in with your real estate flip. It’s a win win for both sides.

  4. Creative Opportunities: Banks stay away from loaning money for fix and flip projects but private investors love this kind of opportunities. This is why they are able to provide creative funding solutions.

  5. Flexible Terms: Traditional loans are bound by strictly-enforced guidelines. Private money lenders understand this business better and are more willing to work with you to create a loan that works for your project.

With a proof of funds letter showing your ability to offer cash and the perfectly written purchase agreement, have the confidence to submit many offers and find the perfect deal. Once you have the property secured and have done the proper due-diligence, fill out the application and get funded fast!

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Accounts Receivable Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Leasing

Government Contract Financing

Asset Based Lending

Invoice Factoring

Payroll Funding

DIP Financing

Mobilization Funding

Below is a sampling of clients profiles we are serving right now:


* Clients located anywhere in the United States

* International clients who are a legal U.S. entity domiciled in the United States

* Clients who may have any of the following issues:

     * Startups

     * Bad or no credit    

     * Federal and State Tax Liens

     * Balance Sheet Issues

Accounts Receivables Financing

*  Clients with B2B/B2G Commercial Accounts Receivable from Startup to $10MM in outstanding A/R:

     * Temporary Staffing deals

     * Government Contractors (Prime and Subs) performing work for any Federal, State or Municipal Government Entity   

     * Transportation/Trucking concerns

     * Manufacturing/Distribution – any viable company with creditworthy customers (debtors)

     * Consulting, Janitorial, Professional Services, Cyber Security, Hardware & Software Resellers, IT 

     * Clients in many other industries

Purchase Order Financing

* Clients from Startup to $10MM.  

* We fund 100% of costs and delivery and later provide A/R Funding at point of invoicing

Equipment Leasing

* Clients wanting to Purchase, Refinance &/or Sale/Leaseback their equipment market-valued at $10K and above

* Clients requiring additional capacity with us to fully attain their broader working capital requirements

Inventory Financing

* Clients needing to leverage their inventory of up to 50% of appraised value

* Clients requiring additional capacity with us to fully attain their broader working capital requirements

Government Contract Mobilization Funding

* Up to 10% of the contract value converting to a 70-90% Advance Rate at point of invoicing

Funding at the speed of opportunity

With fast, reliable funding through AGF, get the flexibility you need to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way.