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Our success is determined by your success. We will provide support for any challenges or feedback after final delivery for all projects. Any nominal changes for services/strategies will be delivered within 2 business days of requested support. To mitigate any partnership risk, we also carry a comprehensive project insurance policy.

All AGF Business Consulting projects are unique. We do not offer canned or repurposed solutions. We price per project after a self-service consultation submission, live consultation, or period of discovery with our potential clients.

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Customer Reviews

"Choosing AGF Business Consulting LLC for our payroll has been one of the best business decisions we've made. Not only have we saved significant time and resources, but the team's assistance and reassuring presence in Ridgeland have been invaluable. Highly recommended!"
— Chris P.
"Hats off to the AGF Business Consulting LLC team! The way they address our needs and complexities has been nothing short of exceptional. They've brought clarity to our processes. Plus, being a local business in Ridgeland just like us adds an extra level of trust."
— Angela W.
"If you're located in Ridgeland and need a reliable consulting service provider, look no further. AGF Business Consulting LLC and their team of professionals has truly elevated the way we manage our business forecasting cash flow and expenses. Aside from stellar service, they take the time to know us and our business - It’s top-notch service at its best!"
— Eddie R.
"AGF Business Consulting LLC is a game-changer. They have simplified the daunting task of managing our KPIs, allowing us to focus more on our core business. It's refreshing to see such a level of commitment and service from a local Ridgeland business."
— Ray T.

3x Return on Investment

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The most frequently asked question by potential clients is, "What return can I expect if I purchase your service?"

We treat our projects as investments for our partners. Our average ROI for project fees is 3x. However each specific case may be different and we have delivered as high as 8x. We calculate ROI as increased revenue or decreased expenses over 12 months. Each project MSA includes the projected ROI.

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