AGF Business Consulting

Helping Small Businesses around the world grow & realize their full potential Without The Complexity…
"Businesses Simply Cannot Afford Not To”

Do you want to improve the long term survivability of your business with a clear vision, mission and values with clearly defined objectives?

Do you want to reduce the cost of doing business by managing your expenses more efficiently?

Are you aware of the local, state, and federal tax incentives available for your business?

At AGF Business Consulting, we make it our business to understand you and your business. As your ally, we take a proactive, hands-on approach to help you find solutions that will help you reach your greatest potential.

Savings is our business

We’ve made saving you money our business
so you can stay focused on growing yours.





Operational Efficiency 

Our 30 Day SWOT Strategy apply time-tested tools — like a SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces — to break down your biggest challenges into manageable and solvable units, and to uncover your greatest opportunities, typically resulting in revenue and profit growth of between 15% and 40%.

Specialized Tax Incentives

Our proprietary software helps identify local, state, and federal tax incentives available for your business.  On average, for a small to mid size company, we are able to identify over $200k.

Expense Reductions

Our 11 point expense analysis identifies overcharges and billing errors in key expense areas such as Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste & Recycling, Property Taxes, and Workers Compensation Premiums.

HR Resources

Manage your employees, payroll, and benefits in one place.

From hire to retire, AGF delivers the technology and expertise to streamline processes and keep your business in compliance through every stage of growth.

We have helped thousands of companies increase efficiency, reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured.  Our services are not limited to any single industry focus.


Over 90% of all businesses can benefit from one or more of our services.