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Helping Small Businesses around the world grow & realize their full potential Without The Complexity…
"Businesses Simply Cannot Afford Not Too”


Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes, and across any industry, allowing them to grow and unlock their full potential  through our expert consulting services. 

With proven industry tools, refined 5 step Business Analysis framework, expert knowledge and professional expertise, AGF Business Consultants empowers businesses to grow to their full potential through effective Business Consulting.


We help Small Business Owners Jumpstart their Profits by eliminating inefficiencies and reducing the cost of doing business in a way that's realistic and applicable for your business, it also encompasses steps in a way that is distinctly achievable.



•    We evaluate your business internal and external business environments in our effortless five step process, developed by in-depth knowledge of experienced business owners, successful managers, strategic planning experts and leading CEOs.

•    We enable the creation of calculated strategies to meet your company objectives from transferable and easy to understand principles. You can choose relevant strategies from our database of pre-input strategies that are relevant to your internal and external environment and consistent with your business objectives and vision.

•    We aid the development of specific and realistic strategic plans by including the flexibility in our planning process and software to add impact statements, factors and strategies relevant to any industry or business. While having the ability to select from generic principles and concepts; you can include your own principles and concepts.

Welcome TO AGF Business Consulting

Anthony Fairley is the Managing Partner of AGF Business Consulting, a small business consulting firm based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, specializing in the small business sector. For over 20 years, Anthony has been working with organizations in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing to improve their operations, increase revenue and ultimately achieve thousands in cost savings. As a Certified Small Business Consultant, Anthony works with clients to improve their performance and grow their business.

I help small business owners, managers and CEOs with business consulting services that empower them to grow their businesses and unlock their full potential. I will help your business increase profits by aligning your resources, eliminating inefficiencies and synchronizing your systems and processes. I provide leading and distinctive strategic business consulting and planning services, creating high value action steps for small and medium sized organizations at significantly low costs. I help small business owners eliminate inefficiencies in their business, increase revenue from 25% to 40% and greatly improve their market condition.

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Anthony Fairley, MBA, ASBC
Certified Small Business Consultant